Some basic terms of stage lighting 2019-01-04 15:35:13

Here are some basic terms that you need to know about the field of lighting :

Atmospherics – Refers to particles released into the air to enhance the visibility of the lighting effect.

Beam Angle – The beam angle that is measured (in degrees) to indicate the angle at which light is emitted from the fixture. The light emitted by the luminaire is conical, and the beam angle helps you determine the size of the illuminated area based on the distance.

Derby– is a lighting effect that projects many fast-moving, sharp, multi-colored beams over a wide range.

Ellipsoidal Reflector – An ellipsoidal mirror that is a mirror that converges light to a point, placing a point source above a focus, and the emitted light converges to another focus. The width of the beam reflected by the ellipsoidal mirror varies according to the distance between the two points. The shape of the ellipsoidal mirror is similar to the end of the ellipsoid. It is sometimes called Leko.

Ellipsoidal Spotlight – ellipsoid spotlight with spotlights with elliptical mirrors and visors, occasionally iris diaphragms and pattern slots.

Facade – Similar to the backdrop, but it can be placed directly in front of the DJ, not just behind the DJ or around the room. Normally, the Facade will be your "showcase" and the DJ will stand behind it.

Framing Shutters – or framed blinds, sometimes called visors, can move light from a unit to block light from certain areas.

Iris Diaphragm – A variable aperture, also known as an iris diaphragm, is a circular opening made up of a series of thin, movable metal plates. The diameter of this opening is adjustable so you can change the diameter of the beam or mechanically dim the light.

Scrim – A base fabric, a translucent material that allows some light to pass through. It allows the light to produce diffuse reflections that increase the color and dynamics of the light.

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