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More and more modern conference rooms, multi-purpose halls, lecture halls, banquet halls, and stadiums all involve stage lighting configuration, but many customers don't know much about stage lighting equipment. They don't know which common lamps need to be configured.

1. LED film and television flat light

LED film and television flat light lamp adopts imported light source LED patch lamp bead, large area matrix light, patent heat dissipation, high light transmittance, high light efficiency, high brightness; high color rendering index, uniform light color, high image color reproduction, satisfying High-definition shooting; the light is even and soft, no glare, no flash, can be used as surface light, top light, side light, the light effect is 3-4 meters. Widely used in studios, multi-purpose halls, theater auditoriums, lecture halls, multi-functional conference rooms, recording studios and other places.

2.LED spotlight

LED film spotlight or LED thread spotlight is a kind of lamp that can be used as stage surface light, side light, back light, contour light. It adopts high color COB LED as light-emitting element, no stroboscopic light, soft light, uniform light color, light beam. The angle is large, the light is strong, and the color spots are even. You can record or photograph the stage characters more clearly, softer and more stereoscopic, and the light effect is 5-10 meters. Widely used in studios, multi-purpose halls, lecture halls, theater auditoriums, hotel banquet halls, lecture halls, multimedia conference rooms, etc.

3. LED imaging light

LED imaging lamp or molding lamp, ellipsoid spotlight. The light source uses high-power COB LED, which is a versatile all-rounder. Its performance in color and brightness is almost comparable to ordinary incandescent lamps, uniform spot, clear cut, no boundary Stray light, the light effect is 10-20 meters. It is suitable for face lighting, slap, side lighting and backlighting in various performance venues. It is widely used in theater auditoriums, large TV studios, conferences and other places.

4.LED par light

LED par light or LED dyeing lamp is rich in color, bright color, multi-color mixing effect of up to 16.7 million kinds, with light transparency and high brightness. Color temperature is consistent. Energy saving, environmental protection, no radiation, high luminous efficiency, low heat, etc. It is a stage performance. Banquet Rendering lights commonly used in weddings and bars. Usually used as dyeing, white light can also be used as surface light.

5.Moving head light

The beam moving head light is mainly used in places 12 meters away, and gobo moving head is used in a range of 5 meters. The 3in1 moving head is a beam, a dyed, and a three-in-one pattern.

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