Basic requirements for lighting systems in stadiums 2019-08-08 14:52:22

The intelligent revolution of sports venues in China is about to come. Compared with developed countries, the existing large-scale sports stadiums in China are outdated, with low intelligence and informatization, which needs to be upgraded. With the enthusiasm of mass sports and fitness, with the support of national policies and finances, there is still much room for growth in the construction of stadiums in the future, now let's talk about the basic requirements for lighting systems in stadiums as below:

In terms of lighting design, the quality of football field lighting depends mainly on the level of illumination, uniformity of illumination and degree of glare control. The level of illumination required by the athlete is different from that of the audience. For the athlete, the required level of illumination is relatively low, and the audience's purpose is to watch the game. The lighting requirements increase as the viewing distance increases.

1. When designing, consider the reduction of light output caused by dust or light source attenuation during the service life of the lamp. The attenuation of the light source depends on the environmental conditions at the installation site and the type of light source selected. Therefore, the initial illuminance of the new luminaire is 1.2 to 1.5 times the recommended value in the table.

2. The degree of glare generated by the luminaire depends on the density of the luminaire, the direction of projection, the number, the position viewed in the arena, and the ambient brightness. In fact, the number of luminaires is related to the number of auditoriums on the court. Relatively speaking, the training ground only needs to install simple lamps; while the large stadiums need to install more lamps and control the light beam to achieve high illumination and low glare.

3. In addition to glare for athletes and spectators, luminaires can also produce glare outside the stadium. But don't illuminate the road or residential area around the football field or stadium.

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