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In the modern fast-paced urban life, going to the bar to consume has become a good choice for urban men and women nightlife, and gathering with friends in the bar to relax the intense work mood during the day and relax their mood, now, let's us introduce some stage lighting with you as below:

Investment in the lighting of the bar, the bar stage lighting effect should be combined with the bar design style, decoration style and LED ambient light to create a perfect live effect.

Lighting of lowly shake club, mainly based on DJ playing the disc to drive the scene atmosphere, which is the rhythm control of the sound effect, slow shake style has gone through many years, until now, the beauty of the dance, LED, lighting effects have also played The bigger the effect, so now the slow shake in the lighting effects, stage rotation, lifting machinery and equipment, LED screen, these large pieces of investment are growing.

Lighting of performing arts club, mainly focuses on the design of lighting for the entertainers, the main focus is on the stage, which is relatively simpler than slow shaking. There is not much change in style until now. Nowadays, there are fewer pure performing arts, only in some places in the north, such as the Oriental Scala in Beijing, and the Liu Laogen Grand Stage, some cities in the central region, Changsha, Wuhan and other places. Large performing arts, like, there are very few in the south, and there is basically no performing arts in pure performing arts.

Lighting drinking club, for design and decoration requirements, the general ambient light should be around the design and decoration, so the lighting requirements of the clear bar, mainly based on simple LED dyeing effect, the brightness should not be too high, generally no one Control, so the lighting control is based on self-propelled.

Based on the above analysis, the style trend of the bar will still be dominated by slow shaking, and the bar will have more and more functions, such as social, party, party, film and television conferences, and so on. With the development of the stage lighting industry, the lighting and beauty of the bar will be more and more abundant. The stage mechanical system will continue to be popular in the future. The lighting and sound beauty is an important supplement. The main reason is that the bar design masters carefully design, final design The perfect implementation of the program, only to make a classic bar.

Guangzhou Hongcheng Stage Lighting Company is a led stage lighting manufacturer with about 10 years experience, we committed to design and manufacture high quality and excellent price-value stage lights with good after-sale service.

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